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What Is MICR Code?

The acronym MICR code stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition Code. This character recognition technology is primarily used by the banking industry to verify and process the clearance of cheques and other related documents. This MICR encoding which is known as MICR line is usually at the bottom of banking documents like cheques and vouchers.
Usually the MICR code comprises of nine digits in which each three digits denotes the information related to transaction and the bank and the first three digits represent the location of the city in which the bank is located i.e. city code. This MICR encoding include very useful information like the bank-code, bank account number, cheque number, cheque amount as well as a control indicator.
MICR codes are generally read or scanned by a scanner or reader which transfers the scanned information to a data collection device. Like other existing technologies like the Barcodes, MICR codes can easily be read by humans.
Technically, ISO 1004: 1995 adopts the international standard as the MICR E-13B. But other nations like Europe, Mexico and Brazil accepts the more widely used CMC-7 font. Whereas the countries like Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States accept the MICR E-13B font.
The main difference between the two coding schemes is the number of characters in them. The MICR E-13B has a set of 14 charters whereas the CMC-7 has a set of 10 numeric characters along with control characters. The MICR E-13B derives its name from the 0.013 inch grids that were used to design it.

Why Do We Need MICR Codes?

The MICR codes speed up the processing of clearing and processing the cheques and other banking documents like vouchers. When theses cheques are cleared by humans then there is a possibility of human error and also the speed of processing them will be slow.
The use of MICR codes eliminates the possibility of human error and also increases the speed by which these banking documents are processed. The MICR scanners do all the complicated work which is error proof.

How ToFind MICR Codes?

To get the MICR codes of any bank branch in India, visit today. Here, we have listed the MICR codes of 165 computerised banks in India. Apart from that, you will get Indian Bank branch Address details, IFSC codes, SWIFT codes, Telephone numbers, Email addresses, PIN code, etc.